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: Last Sim: Jayvyn
: Bonnafide May 19, 2014, 01:15:23 AM

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Hey y'all. Its been awhile.

Does anybody still plays Sims2?
I'd installed the game just to uninstalled it
I'm over all game playing.
 So Anyways I was able to recovery some files...
Including alot of sims I made....but I have like no Pics for them except a few...
...but Im way to lazy to upload them all. so here's one I think all who still plays sims 2 would love....
The rest of the sims, if I do upload them will be directly into my Box account. With a name beside them, so just check that box account but for Simurbania, Flickr, MambaCity he's the last sim for good, I mean it this time!


He's 35 years old
He's married to Angel.  Download Angel  (  :wub:
...but he has his eyes on Sumiko. Download Sumiko  (  :whistle:
He has 2 beautiful daughters.   :)
and 2 boys  :)
He pretty good guy overall, Just gotta leave them young thangs alone.  :giggle:

Enjoy y'all!



: Re: Last Sim: Jayvyn
: Ms5starchic23 May 19, 2014, 05:15:47 AM
 :clap: He is a cutie B :wub: your sims are always :dance: and to answer your question :-) Yes, people do still play/create for Sims2.Simcave updates will definitely prove that. :)The thing is most of the community have moved to tumblr and have simblrs.There is so many many things that.. have been converted from sims3 til there are tumblrs dedicated just for those along.Then you have some very good blogspots,that make some excellent CC as well.IMO it really hasn't slowed's just the community is moving in a different direction.Forums and LJ and other varies sites are still great :-)'s just that simblrs are/seem to be the thing now.I personally don't have one but I'm not totally against ever getting one..It's just my PC graphic wise is not up to part as I would like (have to rely on my editing skills just to get a decent pic ).Maybe when TS4 come out I'll make that by then I'll most likely have a better PC that's good for both.:-) but that's only if  TS4 is easy to create for at least for far from what I seen it's very much like Sims2 but better :-D I just want to see the creating aspect of it...before I decide..but thats a whole nother topic.. :giggle:

BTW Thanks for sharing this and I hope you  have many blessing and much success. :D

: Re: Last Sim: Jayvyn
: Bonnafide May 19, 2014, 02:27:42 PM
Hey chica!  Omg that's great to hear! I forgot how social media boom in the past couple of years! Cuz I was looking at all the old forum and couldn't find anything! Lol. But thank you so much n you do the same. Your clothing is fab and you work is amazing fresh. NYorkish vibe to it! Keep it up! Hugs n kisses!  :wave:

: Re: Last Sim: Jayvyn
: LilSister May 19, 2014, 11:45:16 PM
Jayvyn is a hottie fo' sho' - those eyes and lips :wub:  :ty:

I'm still playng Sims 2. I haven't updated my album in months, but I'm still playing and learning new things about the game. I can't seem to get into tumblr - I keep with the SU family, but I find tumblr a little too busy for me. I still haven't figured out how to set up my page.

I have a lot of Sims 3 stuff in my game that was converted for Sims 2. Ms.5Star is still keeping our Sim ladies update  :D :hug: There are still some forums that are active - who knows maybe we can get some of the magic back here ;)

: Re: Last Sim: Jayvyn
: Sims2-4Ever May 24, 2014, 08:40:15 AM
Jayvyn is a handsome something, something :D Glad to see you again and sharing another one of your handsome sims. :ty: for sharing him :)

And yes there is a lot of people still playing, TS2. I just got back in the mix of playing my game because it was messing up really bad and I had to come to the conclusion of getting rid of a lot of CC...Smh I'm still crying over that one :cry:  But there is a lot of simblrs on tumblr. I'm still trying to keep in tact with everyone's comments and such. It's a big community and it's cool but I wish that things could get back popping on SU because I miss posting here and sharing my pics.

: Re: Last Sim: Jayvyn
: mocha May 25, 2014, 02:26:08 PM
hey bonnafide! good to see you, chica. :wave: thanks for the share - jayvyn is smexy. :D although, i'm sad to hear you're no longer playing, it's really good to hear from you and i hope all is well. :hug:

: Re: Last Sim: Jayvyn
: charana May 26, 2014, 06:31:00 AM
Lmao @ Jayvyn, just gotta leave them young thangs alone. He's is only 35 -- How young does he go? Forget it, I don't wanna know. In any case, thanks for the very last time and I hope you'll still come by and say hi!


: Re: Last Sim: Jayvyn
: Bonnafide June 17, 2014, 07:53:35 PM
Hey CHAR, MOCHA, SIMS2-4EVER, & LILSISTER!!  :wave: :hug:

miss you all and yes I'm doing so much better.
I wish I was into it (sims 2), but I did installed when I upload Jayvyn, but I uninstalled soon after. lol
I obsessed with GTA 5 if any ya'll play the online version? lol
And lol @ Char well I mean..... you do got a point, I seem to think anybody over 30 is older.
lol Im only 5 short years away from it. lol So like 17, 18 fast lil lady sims.  :lol:

: Re: Last Sim: Jayvyn
: charana June 24, 2014, 09:47:30 PM

Heya... *waves*  

And lol @ Char well I mean..... you do got a point, I seem to think anybody over 30 is older.
lol Im only 5 short years away from it. lol So like 17, 18 fast lil lady sims.  :lol:


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